To whom it may concern,


We have just had our veg box delivered and to say I am disappointed is an understatement for the following reasons:


Cabbage - limp (not fresh)

Leeks - limp (not fresh)

Grapes - soft, sour and going over

Cauliflower - discoloured and spongy

Broccoli - limp (not fresh)

Parsnips - crinkly and drying out (not fresh)


Your were highly recommended to us so we thought we would try your produce; it is in fact so bad that Im actually tempted to tell you to come and collect it. I will however commend you on your carrots, onions and potatoes, probably the most expensive I have ever brought considering the rest should be in the pig bin; in fact we have a food waste delivery tomorrow so that is where it is heading.


You will not be having my custom ever in the future and I will inform my family and friends who were waiting for the verdict on your company, not to bother and stick to the supermarket.


You or whoever picked this inedible rubbish should be ashamed of yourselves.